domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010


As I mentioned in a previous post on of my hobbies is the photography. I usually sneak around finding very cool shots and I thought I could be interesting to start gathering some of the pictures that catch my attention compositing and lighting wise so there we go.

Contrast: We are very used to hearing the word contrast and we automatically link it with the definition of "difference between the lights and the shadows in one image". The truth is that the concept contrast can be used in many different ways. We often hear it when talking about animation, contrast between the characters, contrast in the timing contrast also helps a lot when it comes to compose an image. We can take a look at some of the images above.

I simply love this image. The volumetric light plays a very nice atmospheric effect and it helps separating the different layers of depth. The way that lines compose are also awesome. In this case we can talk about the "original" contrast definition or a high contrasted image.

Very nice composition with the silhouetty in the bottom of the frame with the "heavy" sun over his head. Low camera position to enhance the graphic composition of the image. In this case we have a high contrasted image in terms of luminance but also a great contrast of the small figure against the large sun and sky.

The quality of the soft light leaking through the window or the door completelly sells the picture. In this case we can also talk about contrast in texture, a unified rock texture contrasting with the small kid. Contrast helps to focus your eye in the important things of the image.


Again high contrast. The soldiers are silhouetted against the lights facing the camera. The fact that there is still some ambient light illuminationg the ground also helps to make the soildiers be readable against the ground.

The source of light is directly illuminationg the main point of the image. Some dark and light areas in the background corridor add a lot of depth to the picture.

Very nice quality of light. The minutes before and after sunset are know as the "golden hour" because everything gets a nice warm and soft color. High lights and shadow areas are very well balanced giving a very pleasant look to the pictures.

Nice contrast between the soft light comming from the sky after sunset and the warm lights from the city.

I simply liked the composition of the image. 


Awesome composition. All the diagonal lines help a lot with the feeling of speed and they also drive your eye to the skiier. Contrast in shapes (hard diagonal lines vs organic body) and contrast in color (warm vs cold)

Nice  silhouette in both the guy and the flag. Both playing against a white background making them pop out. The snow at the same time sits on top of the black background helping with the depth and framing the skiier.


I will try to keep doing this excercise every so often as I find it very useful for training my own eye. Trying to analize images that you like is very useful in order to find why you like them.

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alex dijo...

hola, edu !!! gee... you're fast. i'll have updates soon myself.
BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL photos. I particularly like the kid against the wall.


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