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Misc: The human brain


Human beings are born with different physical brains.  Many of the physical attributes of the brain greatly influence our personalities, emotions, abilities and interests.  Within the realm of human society and human governance, the population is divided into three general brain types:   Sociopaths,  Sheep,  and Truth Seekers.

Sociopaths  Within the human population there exist a small subset of individuals whose brains are essentially defective in one important regard: They do not experience emotion as the rest of the population does.  They are driven only by the temporary happiness (or exhilaration) obtained through the gain of power or money.  Once this temporary rush wears off, they exist only to seek their next fix.  Although they do not experience normal emotions, they understand well how to emulate them and how to manipulate them to their advantage.  Sociopaths tend to feel little remorse and do not have a conscience in the normal sense. They do not seek to simply live their lives, and as a result, have tremendous amounts of time to devote to their solitary purpose of obtaining more power and more money. They are naturally suited for climbing social power structures.  The highest levels of banking, finance and politics contain far larger concentrations of sociopaths than the population at large.

Sheep  The great bulk of the population exists neither to control others or to discover truth. They simply want to live their lives.  They attempt to do this through the path of least resistance.  The process of seeking truth involves tremendous amounts of mental work that gets in the way of living their lives. They prefer not to do the heavy lifting required to arrive at a set of beliefs, but rather, to adopt a predefined set.  They find great comfort in seeking the approval of others as it reassures them the belief systems that they have adopted (or have been taught) are correct. Once reassured, they are relieved of the arduous mental work required to discover the truth.  The Sheep tend to follow the voices of the sociopaths, who in turn seek to herd them;  to shear them;  and in some cases – to slaughter them.

Truth Seekers  At this this end of the distribution lay the diametrical opposite of the sociopaths.  These are the individuals whose desire for truth and the ability to live free, is so strong that they will accept a more difficult life in order to accomplish those goals. Unlike the sociopaths, they have no desire to wield power over others.  In fact, they view the control of others as a great burden – a tremendous drain on precious time – time that should be spent discovering the true nature of the world around them.  These people are strong individualists and tend to be scientists, artists, and thinkers.  Because of their inherent nature, they tend to avoid any involvement in politics, the bureaucracy, and institutions of management.  It is only in times of great political strain, and threat to their own freedom, that they are forced to become part of the politic.  They rise up during times of revolution, as necessary, only to fade away once the overthrow of the sociopaths has been accomplished. Power is then gradually yielded back to the sociopaths as the lessons of the past are slowly forgotten by subsequent generations of Sheep.

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Photography: National geographic

Beautiful pictures from National Geographic http://www.fubiz.net/2011/11/21/national-geographic-2011/

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Misc: Timelapse of the earth from the space


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