lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Nice stop motion commercial from natural gas by Lovo Film

I will be posting interesting commercials that I find online, like this one from Lovo films for Natural Gas.
I will also try to "analize" interesting pictures or film photography lighting wise. I have the feeling that there is, out there, a lot of information and forums about  modelling, zbrushing, animation and even visual effects but I haven't found that much information about lighting. Because lighting is "my thing" I though that I should share some tips and tricks that I hope people might fins interesting.

I have picked this two shots from the ad because I found them quite interesting lighting wise.
In this one you can see the depth achieved by placing the main source of light in the background, letting the ight fall off almost to black towards the foreground. You can notice how your eye is automatically driven to the window where you can see and feel the cold and snow outside.


In this second one the contrast principle is applied. you can see how the dark hand is standing out from the bright background. You can also notice here how the light is fading to black towards the camera giving again, a lot of depth to the shot.
For some strange reason I can't upload the second image but the shot I'm refering to is the one with the hand in the shower :(

And the making off...

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