martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Personal: 15th Aniversary reel

15 years ago, on September 1996 I got my first 3D gig. I have always been a bit freak about keeping my demo reel updated and that helped me to keep images from pretty much all the projects that I have been involved in. I felt like gathering the most representative works and put them all into a kind of conmmemorative demo reel.
To be honest I had never realized the amount of time and effort that I  put on personal projects throughout all this years until I started editing this reel. I could say that almost 50% of the images belong to personal projects done on my spare time, among them two short films and a tv animated series project.

Needless to say that nobody should ever apply to a job position with a reel like this one as you want to put just your better works and keep it under 3 minutes.

On the other hand I have the feeling that I am getting to the end of a stage of my life so I thought it was nice to wrap it up putting all that journey together into a video. I don´t really know where I am heading but that´s also kind of exciting and my life has been always like that anyway.


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