miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

Artist: Sebastian Krüger

I am a huge fan of charicatures and I have promised myself that I will learn how to draw them properly when I grown up and retire in a little cabin in the forest. 
There are many awesome charicaturists out there but IMHO Sebastien Krüger is one of the best ones ever. I have following this guy´s work for many years and I just realized recently how big his paintings are!
I have two of his albums, Stars ans Stones and they are pure gold. If you like charicature those are a must!
Here you can find a gallery this some of his paintings.
And follow his blog where you can be up to date about his seminars...

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Danny dijo...

Hello fellow Sebastian Kruger Fan, From the photo's and your comments, I'm going to guess you were at the work shop this last month.

By chance I happen to be the distributor / often publisher of Sebastian Kruger's art. And our site www.limelightagency.com is packed with every work he's published, great news stories from the press and on his releases over the years. and even some cool videos of his work. Please check it out. And let us know through the site if you would like to be directed to a gallery where you can see the art in person: http://www.limelightagency.com/Sebastian-Kruger/News/news.html

Edu Martin dijo...

Danny: I wish I was in the work shop. Unfortunatelly my drawing/painting skills are quiete poor to make the most of a few hours with Kruger, that´s a milestone for the future :P
Thank you for sharing your site, I didn´t know about it and it looks very interesting. I am gonna subscribe right away to keep updated!

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